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20 December 2021

The piece below was written by Jacqueline Harrett, one of Diamond Crime’s new crime writers, as a response to Harry Bingham’s weekly email to members of Jericho Writers –

“During lockdown I wrote a crime novel for fun and to stop my head from bursting with worry. Therapy. It was fun to do … I sent it out to a publisher (I don’t have an agent) and had interest. Great start but – they wanted three books a year. Am I a writer or a machine? I declined. I played with the ms a bit more and then sent to a second publisher – small indie just starting out. They were so full of enthusiasm and during a zoom meeting I laughed so much I decided that to work with lovely people was more important than anything else. I could have tried to get a deal with a bigger company but I am much happier working with people who are kind, helpful and supportive.  My police procedural, The Nesting Place, was published by Diamond Crime in November.”

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