Diamond Crime Ten Line Challenge Winner Announced

3 October 2022

Ten Line Crime Story Challenge

Diamond Crime is delighted to announce the winner of its Ten Line Crime Story Challenge. We did promise to let CWA and CRA members make the final decision, but after consultation with the CWA, we put this entry top of the list.

So many congratulations to Jacquie Rogers, author of the Quintus Valerius Roman Britain Mysteries for her poetic response. Jacquie emailed us saying:

“I have recently been researching in York for my latest book; I write this little offering for your competition in homage to the mysterious and lovely Roman African lady who lies in state at the Yorkshire Museum.”

In Memoriam: the Ivory Bangle Lady

She lies in state, in York’s fair heart,

A right Roman lady, set far apart

From us by millennia of time.

Her beauty and wealth were sublime,

Buried with gold and ivory on her arms.

Who would do this young maid harm?

Beloved of a worthy tribune, but sought

By a jealous legate, who took her pleas at naught

And cruelly strangled this girl of gold and ivory,

Now she lies embraced only by history.

Thanks to all of you who submitted entries.

We’re sorry you didn’t win, but there will be another Diamond Crime challenge coming soon.

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