Closing the Distance

“I want you to find someone,” Deborah said. “I want you to find me.”

Jack Shepherd takes on this bizarre commission and his client disappears. The body of her therapist surfaces in the Severn Estuary. And a second-string villain comes out of the woodwork, also looking for Deborah.

The search takes a series of dark and brutal turns. Shepherd battles to stay on the right side of the law, and in the process unearths a story which goes back 15 years to a bloody massacre in a Kosovan village.

Changing the Odds

“Syme Park millionaire disappears… The story of the Bristol PI and the blood-stained parquet floor grows curiouser and curiouser”

As the headlines grow more cynical by the day, Jack Shepherd realises his search for a retired bookie can only end in misery.

In accepting May Marsh’s commission to find her husband, he is pitched into a world of ruthless exploitation, unbending violence and a heart stopping confrontation with the city’s criminal royalty – the Settle family.

Diamond CrimeLength: 575 pages
Year of publication: 2022

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