Cloning the Hate

Alfie Barnes, the brother of Jack Shepherd’s partner Linda, is beaten to death. He is warned to stay away from the active police case. Then Danny Malone, a brutal and dangerous ex-copper knocks on his office door. He asks Shepherd to find his daughter. His reward will be information on who killed Alfie. One case bleeds into the other. Violence erupts on the streets. As the threats and the troubles multiply, Shepherd is dragged into the murderous world of the city’s hard right.

Bending the Rules

Avery Wells is found dead in his car on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare. The police conclusion is suicide. Avery’s sister doesn’t agree and hires Jack Shepherd to investigate. Whereupon, troubles come thick and fast. Shepherd wades into a sludge of corruption, sleaze and murder – courtesy of a billionaire data broker, a dangerous chancer, a desperate wife and an uber-expensive QC. Finally, with time running out, Shepherd is forced to confront some very dangerous people.

Diamond CrimeLength: 604 pages
Year of publication: 2022

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