105, 2022

Great Review of Phil Rowland’s TimeSlip

1 May 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Book Review by Jon Gower Abook you find yourself devouring in a single sitting is often recommendation enough but, in the case of Cardiff-based Phil Rowlands’ latest offering, reading it all in one go also lets you appreciate the tightening tension and change of tone more fully as the author ratchets things up a notch or three. It also allows you see to see the way things darken and twist away from the first half’s light-hearted comedy, moving along at a lick into the territory of conventional crime fiction. Knives flash in the dark. A policeman is stabbed. A Nazi [...]

2004, 2022

Coming Soon to Diamond Crime – GB Williams’ New Thriller, “Breaking Free”

20 April 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Diamond Crime is delighted to be publishing the multi-talented author GB Williams. GB specialises in complex, fast-paced crime novels. Born and bred in Kent, GB moved to South Wales as a supposedly first step on a year around the world. Then she met a guy. Kept the guy, kissed the travel goodbye. Since then, she's worked, married, had two great kids - the usual. Now working as a freelance editor and writer, she lives with her family and the world's most demanding cat. And she hates every photo ever taken of her. Find out more at www.gailbwilliams.co.uk. Breaking Free A lifetime of lies turns the hunt for the truth into murder.  For Elaine [...]

1904, 2022

Sneak Preview of “Do Sleeping Dogs Lie?” by Gwyneth Steddy

19 April 2022|Author News, Sneak Preview|0 Comments

Gwyneth Steddy's first novel, Do Sleeping Dogs Lie? which is already listed for The First Novel Prize by Crime Cymru, will be published by Diamond Crime on May 2nd 2022. Chapter One Friday 12th April 1989 “You’re taking the piss…” Duncan Gallagher glanced across at his old friend in the passenger seat, then returned his eyes to the road. You couldn’t be too careful in these back lanes. Trevor Mulholland snorted with laughter. “Serious, the man couldn’t do a deal to save his life. All I did was wait for him to give in. And sure enough the oul fool [...]

2903, 2022

Judith Barrow gives 5 Star Review to Thorne Moore’s “Fatal Collision”

29 March 2022|Author News|0 Comments

My Review of Fatal Collision by Thorne Moore, this week published by Diamond Crime Posted on March 29, 2022 I’m really pleased to be part of the launch week of Fatal Collision. I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review. I gave Fatal Collision 5* Book Description: Adam Winters is killed by a drunk driver. His devastated widow, Nicki, realises she is being stalked. Offered an escape to a cottage by the sea, she and her daughter Willow arrive on the Pembrokeshire coast. They settle into the community. But are drawn into troubles they have driven [...]

2403, 2022

New Books from Diamond Crime – arriving 28th March 2022

24 March 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Three news books from Diamond Crime. Fatal Collision by Thorne Moore Artist Nicki Bryce is dealing with crippling grief and PTSD following the death of her husband Adam, killed by a drunk driver. The wheels of justice are grinding slowly, prolonging the agony for Nicki and her daughter Willow. To add to their grief, they are being threatened by a stalker. The offer of escape to a cottage on the Pembrokeshire coast seems too good to refuse. But the harbour village of Tregelli turns out to be a battlefield of class and culture, not quite the escape they’d hoped for, [...]

1903, 2022

Diamond Crime on the South Coast

19 March 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Diamond Crime Author, Jeff Dowson, participating in the Portsmouth Literary Festival Portsmouth Library’s Book Festival staged its final chapter of 2022 last weekend, with a favourite yearly event – The Mystery Fest. JEFF DOWSON, author of the Jack Shepherd and Ed Grover series of thrillers, published by Diamond Crime, guested on 2 panels. Opening the day with ‘History Mysteries’, delving into the world of historical thriller writing. And closing the morning’s events as part of a highly entertaining Contemporary Crime panel.            

1003, 2022

One Fight at a Time is a page-turner.

10 March 2022|Author News|0 Comments

"I recommend it and I am looking forward to the next book in the series." Review by Carol Westron, in the Mystery People Blog, of Diamond Crime Author Jeff Dowson's First Ed Grover Novel. American GI Ed Grover had been one of the first Americans to come to Britain and fight in the Second World War and, in 1950, back in England after liberating Europe and peace-keeping in Germany, he has one last thing he wishes to do before he is shipped back to the US and is demobbed. In 1941, while briefly visiting Bristol, Grover had been caught up in a bombing [...]

1003, 2022

CRIME THRILLERS, MARLOWE AND ME by Diamond Crime author, Jeff Dowson

10 March 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Jeff Dowson. Nine years ago, I shuffled out of the office of a broadcast commissioning editor’s assistant. He had arrived direct from university, bristling with ideas he believed were truly original, and proceeded to tell me how to write and direct the series I was pitching to him. I stood my ground and burned all the bridges available. Humbled, and officially a dinosaur, I decided to go back exclusively to writing full time. Since my late teens, I have devoured the work of Raymond Chandler, Ross Macdonald, Elmore Leonard, Sue Grafton, Lindsey Davis and Robert B Parker. This was the way [...]

303, 2022

More Praise for Diamond Crime Author, Jennifer Lee Thomson

3 March 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Further comments from the blog tour of Detective in a Coma, Vile City. midnightangelbookheaven Tour Spot for Detective in a Coma: Vile City by @jenthom72 @vile_city #detectivecomabooks #scottishcrime #vilecity Thank you @annecarter14 and @randomttours for my review copy #ad #gift My thoughts: When I first saw the title for this book I was intrigued. This is the first book I have read from the author and was excited to see where the story goes. From the very get go the book brings action with the opening scenes. The book brought the reader right into the action with a layered approach to keep [...]

2802, 2022

Review of Diamond Crime Thriller, The Fortieth Step – Revenge

28 February 2022|Author News|0 Comments

'The Fortieth Step - Revenge' by Stephen Timmins Published by Diamond Books, 12 April 2021. ISBN: 978—183840265-5 (PB) Review from the Promoting Crime Blogspot. https://promotingcrime.blogspot.com/2022/02/revenge-fortieth-step-revenge-by-stephen-timmins.html John Hannay, grandson of the legendary hero Richard Hannay, had always been a loner, damaged by the violence of his grandfather’s enemies, which tore apart his childhood and left him isolated and emotionally vulnerable. This changed when these enemies and their successors again threatened not just John’s life but the financial stability of Britain. With the aid of a diverse band of highly skilled allies, John defeated this conspiracy, although at great cost to his [...]

2702, 2022

Congratulations to Diamond Crime Author, Gwyneth Steddy, shortlisted for Crime Cymru Prize

27 February 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Gwyneth Steddy, whose first DI Malcolm Bell novel, Do Sleeping Dogs Lie?, will be published by Diamond Crime this Spring is shortlisted for the Crime Cymru First Novel Prize. The aim of the prize is to champion new crime writers currently living in Wales, providing a platform for their work and supporting their writing development. Developing new writing talent is one of Crime Cymru' core aims as a collective. Visit www.crime.cymru for more information.

2202, 2022

Jennifer Lee Thomson’s Blog Tour – Review Two

22 February 2022|Author News|0 Comments

This Blog is from Donna's Book Reviews I'm a big fan of Scottish crime, and the crime writing standard in Scotland is particularly high. I had never heard of this author, but the title and blurb sounded intriguing, and I was right to take the plunge. The story follows DI Wadell, who has to investigate missing women in the city of Glasgow. His partner and friend is lying in hospital in a coma, so he has to work with McKeith. He is already up against it, not being the man Wadell wants, but his is also gangly and clumsy, but luckily does provide [...]

2202, 2022

Jennifer Lee Thomson’s Blog Tour – Review One from scintilla.info

22 February 2022|Author News|0 Comments

scintilla.info/2022/02/18/detective-in-a-coma-vile-city-jennifer-lee-thomson/ Mystery: Detective in a Coma: Vile City, Detective in a Coma Book 1, Jennifer Lee Thomson Blog Tour February 18, 2022 Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell has his hands full. A wave of burglaries in Glasgow has targeted the elderly. Two young women have gone missing, and a report has just come in about a third victim. He is training his new partner, DC Brian McKeith. He and his wife are raising their children. It is no wonder that he visits and talks often with his former partner. His former partner, DC Stevie Campbell, is lying comatose in the hospital, with [...]

1502, 2022

Breaking News: Diamond Crime Author, Jennifer Lee Thomson on Tour

15 February 2022|Author News|0 Comments

Diamond Crime Author, Jennifer Lee Thomson starts her blog tour for her first Diamond Crime novel, Detective in a Coma - Vile City on Thursday 17th February. Watch out for new reviews @vile_city #VileCity #ScottishCrime @RandomTTours                    - 17 Feb Donna's Book Reviews & Interviews @lilmissmorfett                        - 18 Feb Scintilla @scintilla info                                                           [...]

2012, 2021

Authors Like Diamond Crime…

20 December 2021|Author News|0 Comments

The piece below was written by Jacqueline Harrett, one of Diamond Crime's new crime writers, as a response to Harry Bingham’s weekly email to members of Jericho Writers - www.jerichowriters.com. "During lockdown I wrote a crime novel for fun and to stop my head from bursting with worry. Therapy. It was fun to do … I sent it out to a publisher (I don’t have an agent) and had interest. Great start but - they wanted three books a year. Am I a writer or a machine? I declined. I played with the ms a bit more and then sent to [...]

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