Paul Durston

11 12, 2023

If We Were One


by Paul Durston PC Charlie Quinlan has faced down thieves, robbers, drug dealers, would be murderers - scrotes as they're known in the Met. But there's one person she has yet to face down. Herself. Or should she say herselves? With her friends from the children's home where they were [...]

If We Were One2023-12-12T16:55:41+00:00
29 09, 2022

If I Were Me


by Paul Durston At a traumatic incident PC Charlie Quinlan is injured dragging a boy from a burning car. During rehab, her memory begins playing tricks on her. A weird series of events combine to increase her confusion. She fears medical retirement if she admits to having memory losses. A [...]

If I Were Me2022-12-08T11:29:46+00:00
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