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21 02, 2024

Aila’s War: Stanwood House Vol 1


by Stephen Timmins It’s 1913 and Dudley Smythe has decided to rid himself of his half-sister, Aila, who stands to inherit part of their father’s estate. A fatal fall from her horse is the perfect solution. But ploughman, Will Hammond, finds and rescues her. His reward? A savage beating from [...]

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21 03, 2022

The Fortieth Step. Volume Three: Promise


by Stephen Timmins John Hannay, grandson of the great Richard Hannay of The Thirty-Nine Steps fame, is still haunted by his past, still finding enemies he knew nothing about. Now there are two more deaths. Two of John Hannay’s closest friends and advisers, murdered. And now he's becoming more and [...]

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9 12, 2020

The Fortieth Step – Legacy


by Stephen Timmins John Hannay is a loner. Strong, brilliant, tenacious and damaged, still haunted by the wreckage of his childhood. He is also the grandson of Richard Hannay, the hero of The Thirty Nine Steps. And he’s the only man who can halt a crime intended to [...]

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9 12, 2020

The Fortieth Step – Revenge


by Stephen Timmins John Hannay’s back. Out of hospital, married, settled. Until… the letters arrive and the threats start. Until his new wife, Robbi, is kidnapped, until he discovers the truth about the orphans in the children’s home. The truth may be nearer, but John still doesn’t know who [...]

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