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21 02, 2024

Aila’s War: Stanwood House Vol 1


by Stephen Timmins It’s 1913 and Dudley Smythe has decided to rid himself of his half-sister, Aila, who stands to inherit part of their father’s estate. A fatal fall from her horse is the perfect solution. But ploughman, Will Hammond, finds and rescues her. His reward? A savage beating from [...]

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8 12, 2020

One Fight at a Time


by Jeff Dowson Spring 1950 The city of Bristol is broke, the scars of World War Two slow to heal. Good people are struggling to get by, while an organised criminal underclass is thriving. Days before his repatriation home, American GI Ed Grover visits a family who had shown him [...]

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7 12, 2020

New Friends Old Enemies


by Jeff Dowson Spring 1950 Sergeant Major Ed Grover’s liaison job in Bristol is intended to create new friends and make new connections. But the death of missing GI Bradley Parsons throws everything out of joint. The city Constabulary wants to investigate the business. The US army wants the body [...]

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