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1612, 2022

What is it About Crime? by Thorne Moore

16 December 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

Republished from www.promotingcrime.blogspot.co.uk. Thanks to Lizzie Sirett of Mystery People - www.mysterypeople.co.uk - for permission. Crime Fiction is, apparently, the most popular genre out there. And you have to ask why? It’s not as if all crime readers/writers are secretly would-be gangsters, longing to be set loose on the [...]

212, 2022


2 December 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

Welsh authors Meet A Welsh Author — Phil Rowlands recalls childhood bedtime favourites  November 30, 2022  BookerTalk  4 Comments Phil Rowlands, Welsh authors My latest guest in the Meet A Welsh Author series is screenwriter and novelist Phil Rowlands. In an earlier life he was a television and film actor but changed course to become [...]

1910, 2022

Diamond Crime at Chapter One Bookshop, Narberth

19 October 2022|Categories: Author News, Diamond Crime Challenges, Diamond Crime Events|0 Comments

Chapter One Bookshop at Narberth Museum Diamond Crime author, Jacqui Harrett, gives a writing workshop. From left to right, Phil Rowlands, Thorne Moore, Gwyneth Steddy and Jacqui Harrett in conversation with Welsh novelist, Judith Barrow, shortlisted for the Wales Book of the Year 2021 with her novel 'Memory'. Competitors in [...]

510, 2022

Diamond Crime on the Road at Chapter One – 15th October 2022

5 October 2022|Categories: Author News, Diamond Crime Challenges|0 Comments

Diamond Crime takes to the road with a visit to The Chapter One Bookshop at Narberth Museum on Saturday 15th October. Join the Create a Character Workshop with Diamond Crime author, Jacqueline Harrett. See Thorne Moore, GB Williams and Jacqueline in conversation with author Judith Barrow Test your crime fiction [...]

310, 2022

Diamond Crime Ten Line Challenge Winner Announced

3 October 2022|Categories: Diamond Crime Challenges, Uncategorised|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Ten Line Crime Story Challenge Diamond Crime is delighted to announce the winner of its Ten Line Crime Story Challenge. We did promise to let CWA and CRA members make the final decision, but after consultation with the CWA, we put this entry top of the list. So many [...]

2309, 2022


23 September 2022|Categories: Author News|Tags: , , |0 Comments

I think a couple of things that are always helpful, or have been to me, are that firstly the core storyline, that simple a plus b equals c, has to be clear, the outline and foundation that allows you to build and explore; if you want to submit to a publisher, your manuscript has to be as good as it can be at that stage of development and fit with the format they want; the editor is a collaborator and only wants your story to be the best it can be for you. Reading and learning from other authors is a must. Three of my go-to crime writers are Ken Bruen, James Lee Burke and Anne Cleeves.

2309, 2022

Sneak Preview of Paul Durston’s Explosive New Novel – ‘If I Were Me’

23 September 2022|Categories: Sneak Preview|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

I sit cross-legged. “Hi, Joel. There was an incident. Petrol tanker overturned, fire, deaths, injuries. Only down the road. I was badly burnt. I’m getting better but I’m doubting my memory again. Like ages ago. I sometimes feel like I’m not all there. Like I’m disconnected. Maybe it’s because I’m on my own too much or because I don’t have a routine. Anyway, look. It’s cold up here. I won’t be away for so long, promise. I’ll be back soon. Take care, Joel. Happy New Year. Love you.” I head home.

2209, 2022

Sneak Preview of the 2nd Novel in Jeff Dowson’s Bristol Thriller Series

22 September 2022|Categories: Sneak Preview|Tags: , , , , , |0 Comments

I took him by surprise. Reached across the desk, grabbed his jacket collars with both hands, pulled him out of his chair, then pushed down and slammed his forehead onto the desk top. I hauled him upright and let go. He fell back into the chair, which tipped over and deposited him on the floor. I moved around the desk. Malone rolled over and looked up at me. He couldn’t see straight and was having trouble focusing. “Jesus...” he groaned. “Tell me what you know about Alfie Barnes,” I said.

2209, 2022

BUTCHER CITY. A Sneak Preview of Jennifer Lee Thomson’s new DI Duncan Waddell Novel

22 September 2022|Categories: Sneak Preview|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

Waddell exited the car. The rain was coming down from a grey sky in big, fat, angry drops. A droplet of ice-cold water trickled its way down the back of his neck and he shivered. If it wasn't Baltic enough, a gust of wind that would have unfurled yer knitting almost knocked him on his backside.

1706, 2022

Q&A with Gwyneth Steddy, winner of Crime Cymru’s First Novel Prize

17 June 2022|Categories: Author News|Tags: , , , |0 Comments

Congratulations, Gwyneth, on winning the English-language competition in the Gwobr Nofel Gyntaf Crime Cymru First Novel Prize! Your winning entry, Do Sleeping Dogs Lie?, has gone on to be published by Diamond Crime which is a fantastic achievement. Can you tell us a little about the story?It’s essentially a cold case story. My [...]

105, 2022

Great Review of Phil Rowland’s TimeSlip

1 May 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

Book Review by Jon Gower Abook you find yourself devouring in a single sitting is often recommendation enough but, in the case of Cardiff-based Phil Rowlands’ latest offering, reading it all in one go also lets you appreciate the tightening tension and change of tone more fully as the author [...]

2104, 2022

Sneak Preview of Breaking Free by GB Williams

21 April 2022|Categories: Sneak Preview|0 Comments

CHAPTER ONE “So, what you’re saying is that you’ve been helping my husband lie to me. For twenty-five years.” Twenty-five years. A quarter of a century. A lifetime. The lifetime of their friendship. Much of what she had listened to this afternoon made no sense. Yet, simultaneously, it was the [...]

1903, 2022

Diamond Crime on the South Coast

19 March 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

Diamond Crime Author, Jeff Dowson, participating in the Portsmouth Literary Festival Portsmouth Library’s Book Festival staged its final chapter of 2022 last weekend, with a favourite yearly event – The Mystery Fest. JEFF DOWSON, author of the Jack Shepherd and Ed Grover series of thrillers, published by Diamond Crime, guested [...]

1003, 2022

One Fight at a Time is a page-turner.

10 March 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

"I recommend it and I am looking forward to the next book in the series." Review by Carol Westron, in the Mystery People Blog, of Diamond Crime Author Jeff Dowson's First Ed Grover Novel. American GI Ed Grover had been one of the first Americans to come to Britain and fight in the [...]

303, 2022

More Praise for Diamond Crime Author, Jennifer Lee Thomson

3 March 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

Further comments from the blog tour of Detective in a Coma, Vile City. midnightangelbookheaven Tour Spot for Detective in a Coma: Vile City by @jenthom72 @vile_city #detectivecomabooks #scottishcrime #vilecity Thank you @annecarter14 and @randomttours for my review copy #ad #gift My thoughts: When I first saw the title for this book I [...]

2802, 2022

Review of Diamond Crime Thriller, The Fortieth Step – Revenge

28 February 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

'The Fortieth Step - Revenge' by Stephen Timmins Published by Diamond Books, 12 April 2021. ISBN: 978—183840265-5 (PB) Review from the Promoting Crime Blogspot. https://promotingcrime.blogspot.com/2022/02/revenge-fortieth-step-revenge-by-stephen-timmins.html John Hannay, grandson of the legendary hero Richard Hannay, had always been a loner, damaged by the violence of his grandfather’s enemies, which tore apart [...]

2202, 2022

Jennifer Lee Thomson’s Blog Tour – Review One from scintilla.info

22 February 2022|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

scintilla.info/2022/02/18/detective-in-a-coma-vile-city-jennifer-lee-thomson/ Mystery: Detective in a Coma: Vile City, Detective in a Coma Book 1, Jennifer Lee Thomson Blog Tour February 18, 2022 Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell has his hands full. A wave of burglaries in Glasgow has targeted the elderly. Two young women have gone missing, and a report has just [...]

1502, 2022

Recommended Reads: China Court by Rumer Godden

15 February 2022|Categories: Recommended Reads|0 Comments

Diamond Crime author, Phil Rowlands recommends China Court. Rumer Godden died in 1998 and wrote 60 books, adult, children’s and poetry. Nine of her stories were turned into movies and Black Narcissus, probably the best known, was made in 1947, starring Deborah Kerr and Jean Simmons. She wrote China Court [...]

1502, 2022

Recommended Reads: Beyond the Thirty Nine Steps by Ursula Buchan

15 February 2022|Categories: Recommended Reads|0 Comments

Diamond Crime author, Stephen Timmins, recommends Ursula Buchan’s wonderful biography of her grandfather, John Buchan, titled Beyond the Thirty Nine Steps. “Well worth reading if you are, like me, a fan of the great man – or even if you’re not. Full of fascinating information, beautifully written and deeply moving [...]

1502, 2022

Recommended Reads: The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

15 February 2022|Categories: Recommended Reads|0 Comments

Diamond Crime author, Jacqueline Harrett has been re-reading The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.  I recently started rereading The Moonstoneand found myself as enthralled as I had been when I first read it many years ago. Although first published in 1868 it still keeps the reader engaged throughout. The Moonstone, essentially about the theft and retrieval of a rare and valuable diamond, was first serialised in the magazine, All the Year Round,before being published as a book. Hailed by Sayers as “probably the finest detective story ever written” many of the elements in  The Moonstone can still be found in modern detective novels. The moonstone itself is a diamond  and intrigue added to the story with three Hindu priests determined to restore the stone to its  proper place in the statue of the Hindu god of the moon. The diamond is cursed, adding an extra  frisson of mystery to the story.   […]

1502, 2022

Recommended Reads: Out by Natsuo Kirino

15 February 2022|Categories: Recommended Reads|0 Comments

Diamond Book author, Jennifer Lee Thomson, wants to recommend Natsuo Kirino's book, Out. Natsuo Kirino is a Japanese author of dark tales featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Her most famous novel, Out was published in 1997 but it wasn't until 2004 that it got its first English translation by [...]

1201, 2022

Leading the Blind – A taster from Jeff Dowson’s latest Jack Shepherd Thriller Due out in Summer 2022

12 January 2022|Categories: Sneak Preview|0 Comments

Back in 1991, the great Arthur C Clarke, answering a question regarding the power of knowledge, defined the hierarchy from base up as, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Without the final element, the whole phony exercise of power was meaningless and dangerous. And the way to begin, he said, was to [...]

2012, 2021

Authors Like Diamond Crime…

20 December 2021|Categories: Author News|0 Comments

The piece below was written by Jacqueline Harrett, one of Diamond Crime's new crime writers, as a response to Harry Bingham’s weekly email to members of Jericho Writers - www.jerichowriters.com. "During lockdown I wrote a crime novel for fun and to stop my head from bursting with worry. Therapy. It [...]

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