Judith Barrow gives 5 Star Review to Thorne Moore’s “Fatal Collision”

29 March 2022

My Review of Fatal Collision by Thorne Moore, this week published by Diamond Crime

I’m really pleased to be part of the launch week of Fatal Collision. I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

I gave Fatal Collision 5*

Book Description:

Adam Winters is killed by a drunk driver. His devastated widow, Nicki, realises she is being stalked.

Offered an escape to a cottage by the sea, she and her daughter Willow arrive on the Pembrokeshire coast.

They settle into the community. But are drawn into troubles they have driven two hundred and fifty miles to avoid: family deceptions, jealousies, lies, a disappearance and a suspected killing.

Struggling to find peace with the past and truth in the present, Nicki discovers there is more than one sort of fatal collision.

My Review:

Thorne Moore has long been one of my favourite authors: I like her style of writing, and her books always have a great plot with well-rounded characters.

Also, she has a talent for setting the scene so that the reader is immediately drawn in. Fatal Collision is no exception. Mainly based in Pembrokeshire, the descriptions of the coastline, the sea, bring an atmosphere that is superbly evocative – I would go so far as to say the descriptions are wonderful poetic prose, many passages deserving a slow reading if only to savour the world that Nicki Winters and her daughter Willow, initially escape to in order to grieve. For me, much of the introduction to Pembrokeshire with, “We looked out into nothingness. Just mist, a shifting illusion….nothing visible. Nothing real.” reads as a metaphor for the grief they are living with.

The gradual process of recovery from that despair is reflected in the first part of the story, which then quickens pace and leads into the elusive but sinister undercurrent of malevolence, of an awareness that a crime, other than that which caused the death of Adam, Nicki’s husband, may have been carried out.

As always the main protagonists are portrayed so convincingly that the reader shares their emotions in their interactions with the varied supporting cast all, in their way, given such strong personalities that it’s impossible not to like some of them, and to fiercely dislike others. From the introduction of the anonymous stalker who drives Nick away from her home to escape the scene of her husband’sdeath, to the seemingly harmless eccentric Fabia Wyatt, and her affable son, Oliver, living in the plush manor of Cwyrt y Fran, to the inhabitants of the seaside village, Tregelli, there are secrets, layers of resentment, difficult relationships. A fascinating blend of characters.

Fatal Collision has a strong plot that weaves in and out, juxtaposing the ordinariness of life with disturbing and menacing criminal undertones, and is wonderfully shown through the style of the author’s writing. This is a book I thoroughly enjoyed and I have no hesitation in recommending it, not only to readers who enjoy the crime genre, but for anyone who likes a story with a great sense of place and well-rounded characters. .

About Thorne Moore

Thorne was born in Luton and graduated from Aberystwyth University (history) and from the Open University (Law). She set up a restaurant with her sister and made miniature furniture for collectors. She lives in Pembrokeshire, which forms a background for much of her writing, as does Luton.

She writes psychological mysteries, or “domestic noir,” exploring the reason for crimes and their consequences, rather than the details of the crimes themselves. and her first novel, “A Time For Silence,” was published by Honno in 2012, with its prequel, “The Covenant,” published in 2020. “Motherlove” and “The Unravelling” were also published by Honno. “Shadows,” published by Lume, is set in an old mansion in Pembrokeshire and is paired with “Long Shadows,” also published by Lume, which explains the history and mysteries of the same old house. She’s a member of Crime Cymru. Her latest crime novel, “Fatal Collision is published by Diamond Crime (2022)

She also writes Science Fiction, including “Inside Out” (2021) and “Making Waves” (2022)

Links to Thorne:

website: https://thornemoore.com/

FB Author page: https://www.facebook.com/thornemoorenovelist

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThorneMoore

Amazon author page http://amzn.to/1Ruu9m1

About Diamond Books:

Diamond Books is passionate about the crime/mystery/thriller books it publishes. It’s hungry for series and serials: books that develop both central characters and strong, on-going storylines. But it will also devour works of one-off genius.

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